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Club Trip – August on the Cape 2022

This is a 3 week trip from Cairns up to Cape York and back. Leaving Cairns we’ll drive to Cooktown via the CREB Track, Bloomfield Falls and the Lion’s Den. From here it’s up the east coast via Hope Vale, Elim Beach with the coloured sands, a beach run to Cape Flattery and then onto Cape Melville via the Starcke River Track. A visit to Bathurst Head if time permits on the way across to Musgrave Roadhouse with an overnight camp in Lakefield NP. We’ll drive up through Coen and Archer River before heading to Iron Range NP to visit the Lockhart River, Chilli Beach and Cape Weymouth. Then it’s across the Frenchman’s Track to Batavia Downs before heading north again through Moreton Telegraph Station and Bramwell Junction. From here we’ll tackle the OTT to the old vehicle crossing on the south side of the Jardine River. We’ll visit Fruit Bat and Elliot/Twin Falls for a swim. With a bit of backtracking we’ll find the ferry to cross the Jardine then up to camp at Loyalty Beach for a couple nights and visit the tip. We’ll complete the 5 beaches run while we’re up the top and visit the WWII wreckage sites too.

All information about this trip is in the Members Zone – HERE

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